August 28, 2003

Disturbing Spam mail

I got a very disturbing spam mail sent to me -- of all email accounts, it was sent to my school account (how do these people get my email address?). Well, rather than describe to you the email, I'm posting it below. I realize you have better things to do than read spam, but read it and if possible resist the urge to go to the website (that just encourages the spammer). No, I haven't gone to the website myself either. I'm still wondering whether I should laugh at this email, it sounds too preposterous to be real.

Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 05:35:02 -0400 (EST)
From: Destiny Hunter
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v1.61) Personal
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>
To: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Earn profits, earn dark profits.

Welcome to the site, it's us again, now we extended our
here is a list:

1. Heroin, in liquid and crystal

2. Rocket fuel and Tomohawk rockets (serious enquiries

3. Other rockets (Air-to-Air), orders in batches of 10.

4. New shipment of cocaine has arrived, buy 9 grams and get 10th
for free.

5. We also offer gay-slaves for sale, we offer only such
service on the NET,
you can choose the one you like, then get
straight to business.

6. Fake currencies, such as Euros and US
dollars, prices would match competition.

7. Also, as always, we
offer widest range of child pornography and exclusive lolita

galleries, to keep out clients busy.

Everyone is welcome, be it in
States or any other place worldwide.

ATTENTION. Clearance offer.
Buy 30 grams of heroin, get 5 free.
Prepay your batch of rockets
(air-to-air) and recieve a portable rocket-lacuncher
for free.

This offer won't last! Only until 20th of August all our clients
will also recieve
a pack of 2 CDs, with best selection of child

Posted by johnvu at August 28, 2003 11:15 AM

Hmm. That was sure to set off a lot of filters, as well as all the NSA monitoring on the off-shore cables...

Posted by: Paul Filmer on September 3, 2003 12:49 PM

Yes yes...this is SPAM sent by a group of kids banned from the "dark profits" website trying to get them shut down. The real "dark profits" website is nothing more than a message board. Some people have nothing better to do in their lives, I guess.

Posted by: David on October 26, 2003 10:49 AM
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