June 26, 2003

What to do when the power goes out

Funny. We've been having thunderstorms and rainstorms all of the last 2 months, with not a hint of any power outages, and on the first day of reallly hot and sunny weather (93° F), the power for the entire block went out. My wife said she heard a really loud pop outside -- I attribute it to a blown transformer (those sneaky squirrels!), but could very well be a result of high power usage by the air conditioning systems in the neighborhood. Must have had loss of power for a good 6 hours. I'll tell you, it's no fun trying to do some reading in the dark by candelight. In just 6 hours time, I now know a little of how those in the developing and Third World countries feel. Can't read at night. No TV entertainment. What's a child supposed to do, but lie there thinking about what s/he could be doing, if there was light. I can't say enough about how much I'm grateful to live the life I am living now. If only we could share the wealth -- I guarantee you there'd be less wars.

Posted by johnvu at June 26, 2003 12:10 AM
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