July 22, 2004

Progress cannot be stopped

U.S. aims to digitize health records | CNET News.com. Creating standards for information portability is a "good thing." Sure digitizing records will raise red flags by privacy advocates, but the state of health care in the US is at a point where the benefits have outweighed the risks.

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July 14, 2004

Entrez Utilities Web Service Updated: July 14, 2004

NCBI Web Service. Just got this off of the listserv. Interesting news for all you Entrez hackers (in the good sense of the word):

The NCBI Web Service is a web program that enables developers to access Entrez Utilities via the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). Programmers may write software applications that access the Entrez Utilities using any SOAP development tool.

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July 13, 2004

Shipping via US Postal? Media mail?

USPS cracks down on fraud, media mail - billingsgazette.com. With the popularity of websites such as half.com (soon to be rolled-over in service to eBay format after the next Christmas season), lots of people have been sending packages at the Media mail rate through the US Postal service -- it is after all the cheapest rate for items such as books, CDs, periodicals, videos. But apparently some people are sending non-media items using the media rate, with some suspicion by the the USPS. If you happen to send something via USPS media mail, bring it into the Post Office opened and seal it in view of the clerk to be sure the items are legit. I have to say that I was surprised reading the following:

On the first day of the random inspections in Kentucky, a package was discovered that contained facial creams and another box contained videos with a personal card included, she said.

The videos were sent at the media mail rate, but the package was sent postage due 37 cents for first class postage for the card, she said.

Huh? I'm surprised to hear the card is not legit. I'd imagine that if you sealed the package in front of a clerk, most clerks would not object to the card in the box. I could be wrong. Am I?

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July 05, 2004