June 15, 2004

Nightmare blog loss

Wired News: Thousands of Blogs Fall Silent. For those of you weblogs.com users, I feel for you. But if and when you finally re-assess what's best for you and what's worth it, I'd suggest you retry your blogging experience NOT with the big standard cookie cutter blogsites such as Xanga or blogger.com (as one commenter gloated in the article). Rather, it's probably more worthwhile for you to start up your own site altogether from rimuhosting.com. At around $20 for 3GB of diskspace and 3GB bandwidth/month, it's the best deal on the web bar none. You can host as many blogs as you want without worry -- but this time backup your information frequently locally on your computer, just in case. Run the blog engine you've always wanted to use such as MovableType or Wordpress.org. And the server runs Linux, so you know it's all good. Best thing to do is band together with a bunch of bloggers and cut your costs down to a measly few bucks a month, very affordable!

Posted by johnvu at June 15, 2004 03:43 PM
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