September 09, 2003

Automated customer service phone reps

Have you ever called FedEx for a package pickup? Or perhaps called a customer service line for your phone service provider and come across an automated computer system that could recognize your voice? I'm starting to come across more and more of them and they tend to be annoying and menu restricted -- especially when you want to talk to an actual human being. In fact, the menu system tends to make it nearly impossible to get a human being -- you have to practically curse at the system. Actually, here's a hint, the computer listens to key words. Not many advertise one key word that is very useful -- HELP. Just say "help" the moment you realize that navigating the menu system is futile, at any point in time, and you'll be sent to an actual human being who understands "the words that are coming out my mouth." They don't advertise this because talking to a human being is more expensive for the company that getting the business done via computer. Now that I figured out this trigger word, I don't even attempt to listen to the menu system -- I usually call customer service for things that are not listed anyway. Murphy's law I guess.

Posted by johnvu at September 9, 2003 01:43 PM
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