June 11, 2003

Make your life simple

Xanga << got kickz? >> Xanga. Got a little time to kill before I go out and play ball. I've been following the lead of my friend and have been trying to stay healthy. In fact, I did it as a New Year's resolution and have been surprisingly able to stick with it for all these months -- it helps to have a co-worker who goes to the gym the same time. Anyway, since I just had some time to kill, I read my friends' blog too. He wants to make his life simpler. He is on the right track. I remembered an episode on MPT a few months back -- some self-help episode -- about how to make your life simpler. Specifically, if you have projects that are "dangling," you have to decide on what to do with these projects -- remember, be proactive with your life regarding these matters (according to Anthony Robbins). Specifically, there are 3 ways to handle these projects: 1) finish it, 2) throw it away, or 3) hire it out. The simplest of these 3 is to throw it away. In fact, this pertains not only to projects, but also material possessions. If you threw away all the things that you barely use day-to-day, your life will be simpler. Imagine if you threw away all the clothes that you barely wore, your life would be simpler. Why? Because then you'd have less to worry about in terms of wardrobe choices, and you'd be pickier about the clothes that you do buy. Moreover, the clothes that you buy will be of better quality (and last longer). And because you're not buying quantity, you can use the money you save by buying quality products.

One of these days, try throwing away items of little use in your life as an experiment. See how much simpler your life gets. Funny, I used to be one of those guys who was notoriously messy in the car. I had my books all over the place. Sneakers, shoes, gym shorts, you name it. When I finally decided to get rid of all that stuff in the car (by force, not by choice, since I now live in Baltimore city where even a few pennies in open view will lead to your car being broken into), I swear my car runs better. Anyone else care to share how your lives have been made simpler by merely throwing away s**t?

Posted by johnvu at June 11, 2003 04:54 PM
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