June 03, 2003

Remastering Knoppix for Science

Quantian -- Knoppix remastered. One of the pet projects I had in mind in my "free time," was to remaster the Knoppix Linux Live CD to include Linux software that a scientist would deem useful. Well, the Quantian distribution has done just that. A live Linux CD is a good piece of software to have in your backpack anyway -- you can use it as a rescue CD or use it to compile your LaTeX document -- all without needing to install a whole new OS on your hard drive.

Posted by johnvu at June 3, 2003 11:10 PM

Bittorrents are available for you to download Quantian faster. If you don't know what bittorrent is, do a google search. In short, it's the latest and greatest in P2P technology. Quantian bittorrents can be found here:


Posted by: john on November 20, 2003 12:40 AM
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