April 27, 2003

Some Great Deals This Week for Students

BESTBUY.COM. Sotec has changed its name and product line and if you follow the above link, you'll find a great notebook system for $549 after rebate ($599 online). You have to get the system at retail stores and not online to get $250 in rebate. This is the same notebook that I've blogged about previously as my new workhorse--except the hard drive is larger (30 GB), processor is a little faster, and there is no CD-RW drive, only a DVD-ROM drive. However, at that price and being such a light system, I have no hesitation recommending it to any student looking for a lightweight system. As I've mentioned before, be sure to buy a case at the same time to protect this beauty. I knew that my system would be cheaper sooner or later, but hoping it would be later than sooner! Oh well, this is good for those of you who are getting this great deal.

Checking the mailing list for rockbox, I also found out about a great deal for a very useful MP3 player. It's at Circuit City for $199 after rebate. Why am I recommending it to you? Instead of clumsily recording lecture audio on tape, you can use this device to record directly to MP3 and download to your computer to write to CD or manipulate however you want. You can have an archive of all your lectures on disk and access at any time without the hassle of searching through mountains of tape. Collect them, share with your classmates, do whatever you want with them. Don't forget you're also getting an excellent MP3 player (once you upgrade the firmware from rockbox, which is an open source project!) and you're getting an external 20GB drive to cart around or to backup your important computer files! And for the geek in you, it's fully upgradeable with just about any 2.5" IDE hard drive--in fact, some have upgraded with a 60GB drive. These features make this device way better than the iPod for you students! I really think these are two devices that all students should have in his or her repertoire of tools. Check them out.

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