April 14, 2003

Get this laptop!

Walmart.com - Sotec 3120X Ultra Thin Notebook With 1.2 GHz Celeron & CD-RW/DVD. Having used this laptop for almost a month now, I been so satisfied with it's overall fit and function that I have to recommend everyone looking for a laptop to take a serious look at this one. Walmart is selling it at such a bargain basement price of $798 (without rebates required!) that it seriously competes with lots of notebooks out there, as well as PDA's like the PocketPC. Forget about cheap alternatives like the Lindows Mobile PC, that doesn't even include a CDROM Drive nor a floppy drive! Moreover, there are many reports that Linux works well on this system anyway (like Knoppix). The size of this thing is incredibly small and light and the screen is very crisp. The keys need getting used to, but just like everything else, the best things come to those who are patient. The $100 markup for just another measly 10GB of disk space is not worth buying from Samsclub.com. Just get it from Walmart.com. Relying on shady rebate deals from places like BestBuy.com (like I am), is not worth the headache and heartache. I do just about everything on this laptop nowadays. Which reminds me, I ought to back up my workfiles now. Later.

Posted by johnvu at April 14, 2003 11:08 PM
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