March 23, 2003

Get Win XP CDRWIN functionality with open source

Since my university was selling Windows XP Pro for a mere $20, I decided to buy it and use it to upgrade my laptop's Win XP Home (for Pro's additional uses). But in the process of upgrading, I lost some pre-installed software like Roxio's Easy CD Creator. No biggie, I preferred Goldenhawk's CDRWin anyway. But being the advocate of open-source software that I am, I decided to bypass buying CDRWin and sought an alternative. The combination of XDuplicator and CDRDAO did just the trick. Installation was a breeze: first, install the ASPI drivers from Adaptec; second, install CDRDAO; and lastly, install XDuplicator in the same directory as CDRDAO. Enjoy! Oh, BTW, you must be wondering how I now handle ISO images. Luckily, XP Pro has built-in capabilities to create and write ISO images. Alex Feinman has exploited these capabilities and wrote a Power toy called ISORecorder to help in the process. Enjoy! With these tools, I don't have to turn to expen$ive software any longer.

Posted by johnvu at March 23, 2003 10:07 PM
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