March 02, 2003

Benefit from the Government's Hand-Me-Downs Ever hear of those wild commercials late at night, or read in your paper's classifieds about auctions of seized vehicles or merchandise by the government? If you're like me, you never really trusted the auctioneers' advertised intent. I always questioned the true source of the merchandise from these shady auction houses. However, if you're still curious and/or desparate to get some of the advertised merchandise, you can now actually go to the source and buy from your local, state or the federal government themselves! Just go online to I was tempted to keep this little secret to myself, just in case I saw something interesting and wanted to keep the traffic down to a minimum---but, what, all two of you out there who actually venture to read my blogs (alright, I'm overestimating) won't make a dent in the auctions' prices. Plus, the more people who actually buy from the government, the better right? We need to get out of this deficit/debt somehow? Anyhow, if you're curious, check out what's auctioned today. I've seen in the past SGI Irix machines, laser printers, boats (or were they actually yachts?), and even lathes for auction. The computers were auctioned at ridiculously low prices, but understandable since you buy them as-is, no warrantees. If you decide to bid for the items, good luck. If you actually win and got them sitting in your home right now, this instant, please let me know your complete experience, from the time you placed the bid to the time you picked up the merchandise. I'm curious to see if the process was actually worth it for you.

Posted by johnvu at March 2, 2003 11:38 PM
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