December 30, 2002

My personal web gallery

BB-Zone's Web Gallery Automation Script, bbgallery. I've been working on increasing the automation of putting up my digital pics and have found this gem. Works well with ImageMagick installation in Linux Mandrake 8.2 and 9.0 standard installs, but is still buggy with the gimp. I installed gimp-perl (via the urpmi command, which is now a favorite tool) but gallery generation with gimp is not consistent, so I turned it off with the -I option. The webpage suggests using JPG2jpg which is installed with bbgallery to rename .JPG extensions to the lower case .jpg. However, with Linux Mandrake, the "rename" command-line program is available and renames .JPG to .jpg in a breeze. Command to do this is "rename .JPG .jpg *.jpg"--punch that at the commandline in the directory housing all your .JPG files and you should be set. bbgallery is also buggy in that it handles filenames poorly--you have to be sure the filename doesn't contain any fishy characters, and this includes spaces. So you'll need to use the "rename" or "mv" commandline tools to change the filenames for bbgallery to recognize.
Be prepared to have the html files and the jpg files in the same directory--I haven't found a way to customize the script in such a way so that the html files can be dumped into a separate directory from the image files. I have to admit, I had to always go back to Photoshop 6 at work to generate code and images for my web galleries, but now with this free tool, I will definitely use PS 6 much less.

Posted by johnvu at December 30, 2002 03:02 AM
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